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SmilePlus Branding

Award winning branding and relaunch of SmilePlus a discount dental saving plan. New website, print and marketing materials were created for the relaunch of the service line used my thousands of dentists nationwide.

SP campaign print

SmilePlus Discount Dental Savings Plan Branding

SmilePlus, (a dental savings program) was relaunching nationwide and in need of an update. The concept behind the relaunch was to position SmilePlus as a program packed with savings and a no brainer for those who do not have insurance. The savings are so great, why would you pass it up? Pack on the savings and pack on the smiles ended up being the NEW concept. From a revamped logo to brochures and posters to a friendlier and easier website, the NEW SmilePlus was born. Check out the award winning campaign that was recognized at the 2013 GD USA Magazine In House Creative Awards for creative excellence!

  • Client : SmilePlus
  • Category : Website Design
  • Category : Print
  • Category : Branding
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