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Dali Addy Awards

Creative campaign produced for the 2012 Tampa Bay Advertising Awards Show. Creative included: logo, direct mailers, winner's book, banners and website design

Addys logo
2013 Silver addy award
Dali port dm
Dali web
Dali poster

2012 TBAF Addy Awards: Dali Theme

The Tampa Bay Advertising Federation teamed up with Gabe Diaz Design to produce the 2012 Addy Awards. The awards show was held at the Dali Museum so we came up with a Dali inspired “Freaky Genius” theme. The concept behind the award winning piece was to embrace all of Dali’s freaky creativity since he was a “freaky genius”. The creative focused on the best of  creative expressions– the rarity, the oddity, the far out, the bizarre and all that’s freaky. The freaky creative won a silver addy award and the creative elements produced included direct mailers, banners, logo and  website design.

  • Client : TBAF: AAA
  • Category : Branding
  • Category : Logo
  • Category : Print
  • Category : Website
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