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Orthodontics Campaign

Orthodontics branding and service line launch for Coast Dental offices. Branding included logo design, print collateral, outdoor and website design. Campaign also won a 2014 American Design Award from GDUSA Magazine.

Get connected logo

Coast Dental Orthodontics Branding and Services Launch

When 2 major dental providers (Coast Dental and SmileCare) joined forces, a major business initiative was to relaunch their orthodontics program in a fresh, new clever way. The objective was to offer the best ortho dental experience for customers coast to coast. A full blown robust campaign was put together with the message, “get Connected”. The print materials included new brochures, posters and collateral for all offices which included the newly designed “get Connected” logo and message. Since the demographics for braces tend to be a younger audience we created a campaign with a youthful look and feel. We used bright colors and lifestyle photos of teens and kids enjoying themselves in a fun environment.

As far as digital, a bright, fresh, exciting and informative website was created and it also earned a 2012 GD USA Magazine Award for website design. The print collateral was also a winner.  The campaign also included orthodontics billboards that were produced for the east and west coast offices. The boards were designed with bright colors and fun imagery to capture the demographic  being targeted.

This was also a Silver Addy Award Winner at the 2013 Tampa Bay Advertising Federation’s Addy Awards.


  • Client : Coast Dental
  • Cateogry : Branding
  • Category : Logo design
  • Category : Website Design
  • Category : Print
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