Dentist Recruiting
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Dentist Recruiting

Dentist recruiting campaign for Coast Dental offices


Coast Dental Dentist Recruiting Campaign

Coast Dental teamed up with Gabe Diaz Design to come up with new creative for the Coast Dental Doctor Recruiting Campaign. The deliverables needed for this project consisted of  a pocket folder brochure with inserts and a new trade show booth. The creative objectives were to create a fresh and inviting look for Coast Dental Doctor Recruitment Program. The “Practice made perfect” concept was created and the design followed with the idea that Coast Dental doctors practice what they love in their on and off time.

The campaign was a hit with the recruiting department and was also a winner of the 2012 GDUSA Magazine American Inhouse Design Awards.

  • Client : Coast Dental
  • Category : Branding
  • Category : Print
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